LeBron James has been acclaimed as one of the greatest basketball players in the NBA, but some fans are jokingly trying to figure out his latest stunt — being in two places at once.

Uproxx reports a fan in the stands during the Houston Rockets and Lakers game stole the show on Sunday. As the cameras followed star player James up and down the court, capturing his reverse dunk in the first half, people watching the event from their screens at home couldn't help but notice the Akron native's apparent doppelgänger sitting in the stands at Staples Center right behind him. 

The Lakers put up a 20-point lead against Houston as they entered the second half of the game, and without much competitive action taking place on the hardwood, it left room for everyone's gaze to focus on the twinning action. 

The fan was later identified on Twitter as designer Patrick Christopher. James responded to the viral moment on Twitter, laughing at the hilarious coincidence caught on camera.

"AYO!! True definition of 2 places at the same damn time!! Somebody tell Pat C if he wants to be me for Halloween just ask me. LOL," he said

According to the New York Post, Christopher laughed off the incident, telling his followers via his Instagram story that he's available for Space Jam 3 if an opening should become available for a body double. 

“Bron, all of this has my phone blowing up bro… Call my people for Space Jam 3," he said.

Christopher was watching the game on Sunday to support his friend Joshua Christopher in his first away game with the Rockets. The basketball player was selected by Houston as the 24th overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft. James closed out the night with 15 points, and his new teammates Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook were on the boards with a combined 43 points.

Of course, the internet proved how funny the moment was, with memes coming from the brief encounter.

"Year 19 LeBron James and Time Traveler LeBron James in the same frame," one user said on Twitter. 

"We’re living in a simulation," someone else added