Fans were scratching their heads after a strange video of Love & Hip Hop star Yandy Smith-Harris surfaced online. In the reel Smith-Harris posted on Instagram earlier this month, the reality star suggested there was another man in her life other than her husband, Mendeecees Harris. Her alleged lover even made an appearance, confusing viewers even more.

“This is important because I feel like this is gonna end up on the blogs anyway,” Smith-Harris says in the reel.

“I have been out and about and I recently…” she says before a man pops into the frame and interjects.

“You gonna tell them or what?” he asks while smoking a cigar. “I don’t got all day.”

“I’m not saying I’m the other guy but I’m not saying I’m not the other guy,” he adds.

Smith-Harris, however, expresses that she didn’t want to share the information with her followers in that manner.

“Alright well, that’s certainly not how I felt like I wanted to tell everybody,” she says.

“Say hi to the blogs,” the man interjects again.

Smith-Harris goes back to her first point, telling viewers that she wanted to “be the first to put it out there so I could tell my own story.”

She then apologizes to fans.

“Alright so there you have it,” she says. “I’m sorry guys if I let you down.”

Viewers were confused, and couldn’t figure out whether the reel was a genuine confession or some kind of hoax.

“I missed the confession, all I kept hearing was him.. and she definitely looks scared and forced,” one Facebook user noted.


“You good sis ???? Does everybody know that needs to know!!!!! And who TF is barking in the back,” another questioned.

A few viewers speculated that the bizarre reel was a promo for a movie.

“She promoting a movie she doing I saw it on Instagram,” a Facebook user pointed out.

“We don’t believe it definitely filming for double cross or a movie,” an Instagram user echoed.

Some Instagram viewers were concerned about Smith-Harris.

“Blink two times if you need help sis,” one wrote.

“Girl you not cheating on your husband for someone who blow cigar smoke in your face. He don’t even care about your health,” another added.

One Instagram viewer even asked if Smith-Harris’ husband is on the market.

“So does that mean Mendeecees is up for grabs??” they commented. “Asking for a friend.”

But Smith-Harris later shared that it was a joke.


In the second reel, Smith-Harris is seen with actor Jason Weaver.

“He romantic,” she says in the video, as Weaver goes along with the joke.

The reality star added in the caption that it was all for laughs.

“He caught me😂😂😂 Pt 2 from yesterday @itsjasonweaver,” Smith-Harris wrote. “Btw some of y’all are so gullible. 😩😂😂😂😂😂😂 (@jeffloagz was like ummmmmmm ummmm i want no problems make sure @mendeecees knows this is a joke).”

Looks like there’s no trouble in paradise in the Smith-Harris household.