The suspense/action thriller Fire with Fire toplined by Bruce Willis, Josh Duhamel, Rosario Dawson, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Vincent D'Onofrio, is set to be released on standard and Blu-ray DVD on Nov. 6th, from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

The film deals with a firefighter (Duhamel), who, after witnessing a black convenience store owner and his son killed during a robbery by white sumpremacist Hagen (D'Onofrio), is placed into a witness protection program. Howveer, when Hagen finds out who the witness testifying aginst him is, and and severely wounds his girlfriend (Dawson) during an attempt on his life, Duhamel joins up with the leader of a rival gang (Fiddy) to take revenge.

Now, with a cast and storyline like that, I immediately wondered why the film was going straight to DVD and not to the big screen. Well that was until I saw a trailer for the film (which I can't post here unfortunately, but you can check out HERE), and, as you can see, it's rather on the straight-for-the-DVD-market, made-on-the-cheap side.

But, no doubt, I'll check it out anyway, since the premise still intrigues me.