The National Hockey League honored former Boston Bruins player Willie O’Ree by retiring his No. 22 jersey on Tuesday, NHL reports.

The commemorative moment took place before the Bruins were set to play against the Carolina Hurricanes. O'Ree attended virtually from San Diego due to COVID-19.

O’Ree is the 12th player to have his jersey honored in the Bruins' franchise history. He was also the first Black NHL player, CNN reports.

The 86-year-old took to the ice 64 years ago in his first game with the Bruins on Jan. 18, 1958, against the Montreal Canadiens. He would go on to play in 45 games with the team.

According to CNN, the Bruins noted that O'Ree hit 450 goals and assists in over 1,100 professional games played. He played professional hockey for 21 years.