When football players from Florida State University visited Montford Middle School on Tuesday, something amazing happened. Travis Rudolph, a wide receiver for the Seminoles, noticed a student sitting alone at lunch. So he decided to join him. "I saw him sitting by himself, so I got a plate of pizza and I asked if I could sit with him. He said, 'Sure, why not,'" Rudolph explained. "I just felt like we had a great conversation. He started off so open. He told me his name was Bo, how much he loves Florida State, and we went from there." This was a special moment for many reasons. Bo has Autism, and his mother Leah Paske often worries about him at school. But imagine the joy she felt after seeing a photo of her son and Rudolph sharing a meal. She immediately posted a message on Facebook expressing her gratitude to the player. "I'm not sure what exactly made this incredibly kind man share a lunch table with my son, but I'm happy to say that it will not soon be forgotten," she wrote.
"This is one day I didn't have to worry if my sweet boy ate lunch alone, because he sat across from someone who is a hero in many eyes."

Read Leah's full post below:

Right in the feels!
Florida State Autism Photo: Giphy

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