“I got condoms in my bag, Mag.”

The clever peddlers of parody down at the Lady Parts Justice League created a hilarious spoof of Beyonce’s critically acclaimed, “Formation” music video to bring awareness to strict birth control regulations and anti-abortion laws.

The comedic sketch titled, “InFormation” produced, choreographed and written by Joyelle Nicole, Denae Famada, and Jean Grae incorporates data about Louisiana legislation limiting a woman’s right to govern her body.

Grae told Colorlines, “Women—especially WOC—are not strangers to having our bodies and our physical and mental health be subject to laws that rob us of choices.” She went on to say, “Choices, options, information [are] all things that we should know exist and that we have the right to have access to. …While they are the most basic and human statements to make, they are not just being not honored, but taken from us—both systematically and with what one can describe as a great disdain for our human rights.”

According to the video’s description:

Extremist politicians are destroying access to birth control and abortion in all 50 states. These laws disproportionately affect poor women and women of color. This is the shit happening in Louisiana:
– A person must wait 72 hours after seeing a doctor before she can have her procedure.
– Louisiana bans Medicaid funding for ANY medical services if your healthcare provider is associated with abortion services.
– 94% of Louisiana counties are without and abortion provider.

Click here to learn more about your state’s abortion laws.

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