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This Campaign Video Of Young Girls Dancing To Beyoncé’s ‘Freedom’ Will Leave You Speechless

Girl power is true power. #FreedomForGirls

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In less than 24hrs, a viral video depicting various young girls dancing and having an outpour of emotions, as they emulate the lyrics of Beyonce's 'fight for your rights' anthem "Freedom". 

The beauty of this, aside from the emotion each young lady readily displays with each mouthed word and choreographed step, is the diversity of ethnicity and race being depicted. This powerful representation reminds us that there are too many things we share, like our common fight towards equal rights, for us to be so divisive.

Wednesday, October 11, was the International Day of the Girl and Beyoncé lent her song to the #FreedomForGirls campaign. According to Glamour, The campaign is promoting the U.N.'s Global Goals, an ambitious set of objectives for what the world should look like by 2030. The campaign has partnered up with Project Everyone, UNICEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The video featuring these dynamic young girls, ages 5 through 11, was directed by MJ Delaney.

This empowering video sheds light on many common, yet not so often discussed or resolved issues faced by girls and women, worldwide: discontinued education, domestic violence, human trafficking, child brides and so much more. Each young woman, fierce, empowered and positioned against a backdrop of her own place of origin, represent what this nation once advocated for; diversity and equality for all people.  

Plus, they are just too darn cute doing it. Our heart, eyes, and ovaries are jumping with girl joy!

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