Future has been teasing that his new music is more self-expressive, and he proved so with the video for his song “Wait for U” featuring Drake and Tems. According to Complex, the song dropped on April 29 as part of the rapper’s highly anticipated album I Never Liked You and explores Future’s experiences as a “toxic king.”

The visuals follow the story of “The Tale of the Toxic King,” with Future playing the titular character. It shows the rapper leaving his queen for his philandering ways, while she remains at home.

In the video, she writes him a note that begins with, “I doth findeth it funny.”

Later, we see another knight attempt to win the queen’s heart. Elsewhere, Drake enters as a knight and successfully saves his maiden from her captors after a sword fight. The video ends with Future closing the chapter with the queen, sending her his own note.

“I am goodeth beloved,” the note reads. “Enjoyeth.”

The track provides fans a cadence and flow that’s similar to other Drake and Future collaborations. The addition of Tems’ vocals, however, provides a soothing element to the new song and teases a woman’s perspective.


After the video was released, fans praised the medieval concept.

“All hail the toxic king,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“Future & Drake channeling their inner Game of Thrones,” another noted.

One user called the track one of the rapper’s emotionally healthiest.

“The best song on this n***a album is a healthy one,” one user commented. “Who would’ve expected this from such a “toxic” individual? I bet this sh*t was an accident too.” They also went on to predict that the “track will earn a Grammy.”

Since being posted online, the music video has garnered over 440,000 views on YouTube.