Twitter is clownin’ after Future bought his namesake a Rolex watch.

The elder Future posted a picture of his son wearing the expensive watch on Instagram with a Meek Mill lyric as the caption. The watch costs about $36K, according to The Daily Mail.

“'It was somethin bout that rollie when it first touched my wrist,” he wrote.

The “Mask Off” rapper also posted a video of the moment he presented the watch to little Future in his Instagram story.

Future wished the 5-year-old a happy birthday as he opened the watch but the little one didn’t seem too enthused when he opened the package.

He simply said “Thanks!” when it was finally open.

Baby Future is a little man of few words but Twitter had a lot to say about the gift. Some thought it was too much sauce for a kindergartner.

Predictably, Russell Wilson, husband of baby Future’s mom Ciara, was brought into the conversation. He posted a very touching Instagram message to his stepson. 

"From the moment we came into each other’s worlds to now... 5 years later, you have changed my life and my heart for the better. You are the greatest gift I could have ever asked God for! I will always love you, guide you, teach you, and care for you. Happy 5th Birthday Future! Papa Russ Loves you!"

Many compared the men’s approaches to fatherhood.

A few people believed the criticism was unwarranted and sparked by jealousy.


Oh, well. 

Happy Birthday lil Future.