The #FruitSnackChallenge has been pitting small children against their greatest enemy: patience.

Within the challenge, parents set a bowl of fruit snacks or another snack in front of their toddler and tell them not to eat any until they get back. The challenge — and the comedy — is in the children evidently struggling with the directive. 

On Tuesday, actress Gabrielle Union-Wade joined in on the challenge with her daughter, Kaavia, for their heartwarming attempt.

The toddler's "Shady Baby" nickname should give some insight into how the video plays out. 

The clip starts with the 47-year-old laying out the ground rules for the 1-year-old, who's sporting an adorable "I love naps but I stay woke" onesie, pays no mind to the fact she’s being recorded.

“You can have some Bitsy’s,” Union-Wade explained while framing Kaavia’s favorite treat. “But you have to wait until I get back, all right?”