The #FruitSnackChallenge has been pitting small children against their greatest enemy: patience.

Within the challenge, parents set a bowl of fruit snacks or another snack in front of their toddler and tell them not to eat any until they get back. The challenge — and the comedy — is in the children evidently struggling with the directive. 

On Tuesday, actress Gabrielle Union-Wade joined in on the challenge with her daughter, Kaavia, for their heartwarming attempt.

The toddler's "Shady Baby" nickname should give some insight into how the video plays out. 

The clip starts with the 47-year-old laying out the ground rules for the 1-year-old, who's sporting an adorable "I love naps but I stay woke" onesie, pays no mind to the fact she’s being recorded.

“You can have some Bitsy’s,” Union-Wade explained while framing Kaavia’s favorite treat. “But you have to wait until I get back, all right?”

Gabrielle Union’s daughter, Kaavia couldn’t wait a second to get the snack ????

— c (@chuuzus) May 13, 2020

The toddler nods in agreement, but seconds later (after a brief hesitation you'd miss if you blinked), Kaavia jets for the bowl of Bitsy’s and gobbles a couple down. 

Union-Wade, alert to the child’s antics, is then heard asking Kaavia, “are you waiting?” But it’s too late — the little person had already begun digesting the few she managed to get in her tiny grasp and was probably plotting a second attempt by the time her mom came back to check on her.   

“Did, did you eat the Bitsy’s?” Union-Wade asks in faux bewilderment. “I thought we were gonna wait?” 

Kaavia shoots back at her mom with a finger point, almost as if to say, “You said I could have some.” And then, Union-Wade relents and gives her the green light to finish them off. 

But by then, the toddler had lost her patience with the challenge and ran off-screen right.  

Other parents who joined in the challenge are sympathizing with Union-Wade as they are finding out exactly why little people cannot be trusted when it comes to snacks. 

In one woman's challenge, she instructs her son to not eat any of his snacks until she got back. In the meantime, he struggled to keep his hand out of the bowl, that is until he noticed the camera that was recording his misdeed and feigned obedience. 

Lmao this #fruitsnackchallenge is the funniest and cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. ???????? 

Dude was like nope not today ????????

— Fati Bum Bum (@FatiAbbaxo) May 6, 2020

In another submission, a baby boy completely ignores his mother’s request and gets busy on his fruit snacks before mom is even out of sight. 

This went exactly how I expected. Watch his face at the end lol. #fruitsnackchallenge

— Mama Jay???? (@jaylabrenae) May 7, 2020

A separate post captures one baby's absolute frustration and how she's completely over any thought of a "challenge" to get to her fruit snacks. 

One dad shared how his son mastered skills of stealth and diversion when he was "caught" grabbing a gummy bear. He would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for that troublesome camera. 

While some kids tried to sneak their snacks off-camera, others were more overt in their deception. The clip below shows one kid agreeing to the rules of the challenge, only to indulge in the plateful of snacks anyway while mom was away.

After this comical glimpse into parenthood, we can't help but to keep saluting all those who've been sheltering in place with their little ones.