Kaavia James Union Wade once again proved her nickname “Shady Baby” to be true when she gave Uncle Shaquille O'Neal the side-eye.

The tot made a special appearance alongside her dad, Dwyane Wade, while he was filming NBA on TNT from home via webcam as the CDC urges people to practice social distancing to avoid spreading COVID-19.

Gabrielle Union handed the 1-year-old off to the retired NBA star, and she immediately stole the show.

“My name is Uncle Shaquie,” the former Laker told the baby, who received her "Shady" nickname following a string of unimpressed reactions to the world around her. 

Host Adam Lefkoe suggested his co-hosts partake in a little competition and see who could capture the notoriously serious baby’s attention.

Candace Parker began and immediately got her to crack a smile by singing “Baby Shark.”

“Kaavia my name is Uncle Shaquie,” the 48-year-old said as he shook his head. “Shaquie. I’m going to kiss you on your cheeky.”

While his three co-hosts were laughing at his attempt, Kaavia was unamused. When he blew her kisses through the screen, she gave him the ultimate side-eye.

“Did it work,” he inquired about his efforts.

“I don’t think so,” Lefkoe replied.

While he didn’t get his niece to giggle, he did put smiles on the faces of a few first graders.

The retired professional baller popped into a lesson that was being held over video call to bring some light while students are not able to physically go to school due to the coronavirus outbreak. He is a family friend of a student at East Lake Elementary School in McDonough, Georgia, according to TMZ.

The teacher was giving her students instructions before realizing the hall of famer had joined.

“Is that Shaq?” she can be heard saying.

Soon after, all the kids were waving and telling the legend hi.

“Hi kiddos,” he told them.

A few extra heads popped in as parents and siblings were surprised to see the MVP.

“Oh my God! It’s Shaq!” one father said.

According to TMZ, he stayed on the call for a few minutes.

"It was really cool,” one parent told the outlet.

While homeschooling your kids during a pandemic may seem hectic, it’s made a little easier when a hooper pops in to help.