Gen Z is redefining traditional views of the workplace. The advent of social media, the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation may have contributed to new priorities regarding work. According to a new survey conducted by Morning Consult and Samsung Solve for Tomorrow, over half of Gen Z want to become an entrepreneur or start their own business.

“Gen Z’s drive to be entrepreneurs, to create their own business and path, is a powerful motivation that those in STEM industries need to acknowledge and cultivate when thinking about our own workforce of the future,” Ann Woo, the head of corporate citizenship at Samsung Electronics America, said.

Gen Z points to several qualities needed to become a successful entrepreneur, including a commitment to hard work, knowing the right people and perseverance through challenging times.

It isn’t all that surprising that media and entertainment would be the leading industries Gen Z wants to work in. Entertainment has lost over 44,000 jobs since May, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Still, Gen Z highly values community and societal impact over job security.

“Lifestyle is a big part of the attraction,” Woo told CNBC. “Media and entertainment is a creative industry that offers flexibility and self-expression, two of the most important attributes younger workers want in a job.”

The study found that Gen Z’s priorities are work-life balance, career growth and skill development. Job stability and security came in third.

Woo also points to social media as having opened a door for Gen Z, who sees online platforms as a way to start a business.

“Extremely online” Gen Zers realized that “as soon as you start producing content that attracts a following, you can get paid and become a business.”