A Georgia football star who was diagnosed with cancer continues to inspire his town with resilience and optimism.

WSB-TV reports 17-year-old Chase McDaniel was told that he has stage three lymphoma cancer just hours before his long-awaited prom night.

Weeks prior, the high school student experienced sharp abdominal pains that sent him to the hospital.

The news didn't disrupt any of Chance's plans. He still suited up and accompanied a young lady to the eventful dance.

"He was just determined," his mother, Kim McDaniel, said. "The prom thing? It was not a question. He asked it right away, 'Can I go?'"

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the Caroll teen was motivated to fulfill the promise he made to his date, Jaida.

“She was so excited about it,” Chase said. “[She was] talking about it, everything we were gonna do, places we were gonna go and pictures we were gonna take."

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That day, full of categorical highs and lows, was April 20. Now, the young man is focused on his health.

"I try not to think into the future," said the teen who celebrated his birthday Thursday. "I'm trying to think right now. I don't feel like it's going to slow me down. In the fall, I'll be back to myself." 

The new patient at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is currently undergoing chemotherapy, which is expected to last throughout his 10-day stay at the medical facility.

The football linebacker says he's planning to start next season. His hospital room notably resembles a locker room, full of his athletic inspirations including his jerseys which he says are hanging to remind him of his goals.

“It means a lot to me, especially this season,” he continued. “But I’m just happy I’m gonna be back out there.”

As the community continues to draw inspiration from the young fighter, he told reporters he's looking to faith to make him victorious.

“We trust God that he is able," said his father, Tracy McDaniel. "If [Chase] can believe, I can believe."

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