Good Morning America 3 fill-ins Gio Benitez and DeMarco Morgan’s hosting duties might become permanent if all goes well in the coming weeks.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the two are contenders for a permanent position on the show after filling in for disgraced co-anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach.

“Gio has been with ABC for almost 10 years, is familiar with the brand, and is a familiar face on the regular morning show,” a source told ET. “Fans not only know him, but feel a comfortability with him on-air, effectively making his choosing an easy choice should they go in that direction.”

The insider added, “DeMarco dropped everything at the onset once the news broke about Amy and T.J. to head to New York City and take on anchoring duties, and that does not go unnoticed. He’s been doing a great job and seems to be universally well-liked. So, it would seem he’s a serious contender for anchor.”

Benitez and Morgan are reportedly undergoing chemistry tests and, if all goes well, could become the new faces of GMA3.

The source said ABC is not in a rush to fill the hosting positions once held by Holmes and Robach. However, no one would be surprised “if new talent is named in the upcoming months.”

As for Holmes and Robach, both are in the market for new jobs following the news of their secret extramarital affair coming to light.

Though it’s unclear if the two are looking for new co-hosting gigs, an insider told ET that Holmes and Robach intend to return to work soon.

“Amy and T.J.’s chemistry both on and off screen is undeniable. It’s been that way for years, so it’s no surprise that the two would want to continue their careers together onscreen in some capacity,” the source said. “And while there’s always hope for a joint venture of sorts — like being on a show together — the two could work separate of each other, or at different networks entirely. Needless to say, they are intent on working again.”