Happy Discount Candy Day! Valentine’s Day is over and done with, but we still have a gift for you: the tweets of the week.

The 2019 Grammys were full of Forever FLOTUS and Motown surprises, and had everyone feeling a way. 

As one Twitter user pointed out, men who don't believe in Valentine's Day do believe in avoiding the silent treatment:

Not everyone is anti-Valentine's Day, however. For example, Russ is a walking Mahogany card. We stan

President Trump declared a national emergency Friday, kicking off what could be a Constitutional crisis. Which led White House correspondent Jim Acosta to introduce President Pot to former President Kettle: 

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Drug kingpin El Chapo's trial wrapped up this week, but we think the court artist sketched the wrong guy … #freepops!

Twitter had some fun with this clip. Can you imagine knocking a whole car into a river and driving off like nothing happened?

It's never too early to learn that issa crab eat crab world out there:

It really isn't right Black History Month is usually only 28 days. Which is why we like this proposal. Red, black and green instead of red, white and blue? We dig it. 

This Twitter user wondered what happened to all of the scammers he once saw on the platform. We know exactly where they are. They're off selling Skintea.

We were reminded once again this week there only one Queen Bey. No one can step into those high heels. 

Cardi B picked up some historic Grammys wins. This sound like Cardi to the staaaaaage …

Spelling and grammar are important. Buzz buzz, bruh.

Last, but certainly not least, a great Black mystery was solved this week:

That's it for this week. Remember: whether you have a bae or not, we love you fam.

Don’t each too much candy, okay?

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