Izze the Producer Is All About Getting Vocal and Thinks We Should Be, Too

The creator of Sprite’s #GetVocal freestyle beat thinks it’s important for our voices to be heard now more than ever.

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| November 20 2018,

8:31 pm

The 25-year-old producer from Newport News, Virginia collaborated with Sprite for the #GetVocal campaign. The goal was to provide people the chance to speak up and be heard in a creative way to have their opinions taken seriously about the political climate in the United States.

The collaboration with Izze and the #GetVocal campaign came about when Mali Hunter, from the Retnuh Agency, walked past the studio one day and heard some of the music Izze was working on for his album.

Some issues that Izze personally thinks are important to address in his own community are policing, the lack of financial resources and the poor food choices that affect the health and quality of lives of those living in his neighborhood.

Photo: Kyle Johnson

“It’s a surreal feeling because I’m always thankful for artists that get on my beats,” Izze said. “It’s my art. It’s something that’s going to travel outside of just myself. It’s going to grow legs and inspire another creative or inspire someone to either make a beat, rap or---just inspire and fuel their creativeness.”

“It’s just been crazy to see these people get on a record and speak up and it actually be dope,” Izze said. “It’s always a crazy feeling to have somebody on my beat. It will never become a natural feeling for me because it’s always going to be like, ‘wow, something I created inspired somebody.’”  

“We’re powerful as one,” Izze said. “When multiple people come and join together, and we put multiple brains together, ain’t no way it can be stopped...I feel like we just have to stick together and continue to speak up and be ourselves. Like be creative. Go out here and spark change.”

If you’d like to make your own freestyle check out: https://www.getvocalsprite.com. See Izze and a few of your favorite artists freestyling off of his beat below!

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