Lena Waithe got the best pep talk ever from Halle Berry.

Waithe was a substitute host on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday and received a visit from Berry during her monologue.

The Chicago native told Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo she needed some inspiration so he suggested the “Berry button,” a big red button randomly placed on a wall. When the button was pressed, Berry ran out.

"Baby, what can I do for you?" the John Wick 3 star asked. 

Waithe wanted some of the sauce from Berry’s 2002 Oscars acceptance speech.

"I need some inspiration. Like that Oscars speech you gave, that got me hyped," she replied. "I need you to give me some of that Halle Berry juice."

Berry went into motivational speaker mode.

"Lena, you know I know you, right? We've worked together. So I know that you are a force of nature. You are a beautiful African American queen," she said. "...Lena, tonight you are a writer, an actor, a producer and tonight you are a late-night comedian. You about to slay this show!"

She also commented on Waithe’s drip.

"And you are already winning, girl, because you are dressed way better than Jimmy ever was,” Berry said. “Now, you good or do you need something else?"

Waithe confirmed she was good but Berry wasn’t finished.

"No, I think you need something else," she quipped.

Berry looked Waithe in her eyes and gave a her a big kiss on the lips.

Waithe was understandably shook .

The The Chi creator later asked Guillermo to take the “Berry button” off the wall and “put that s**t in my house.”

Later on, Waithe, who was allowed to select her guests, interviewed rapper Chika.

Chika became famous after she got the streets talking after she posted a clip of her freestyling about Kanye West.

Her fury-fueled bars about Yeezy have taken her far and led to her Calvin Klein campaign. Chika admits her rise has been “crazy.”

“I never really expected that a video I made out of complete anger and disgust would get me here,” she said. “It’s been moving fast ever since it begun and it’s been a hell of a journey.”

The Alabama native also introduced her new record, “Rachey v. Alabama,” a track inspired by one of her friends and the fight for reproductive rights. Chika later performed the track on the show.

"I wrote a song and its entitled 'Rachey v. Alabama'... we all know what's going on in Alabama right now and I'm from Alabama, so I felt like with this opportunity and the way that it lined up it would make so much sense for me to come one here and speak for people who otherwise feel voiceless," Chika said.

"Rachey is the last name of one of my friends, who has such a powerful story when it comes to what's going on in Alabama, I felt like this would be a proper tribute to her," she continued. "And also a proper tribute to all women in Alabama, all people in Alabama with wombs who are able to carry children and I felt like this is my time to speak for us."

Watch Chika’s performance below: