On August 3, the Boston Globe reported that Harvard had confirmed in a statement that 50.8 percent of its class of 2021 are nonwhite. The university had been making strides in recent years to diversify their campus, and it looks like that's finally paying off. 

“To become leaders in our diverse society, students must have the ability to work with people from different backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives. Harvard remains committed to enrolling diverse classes of students,” Harvard spokeswoman Rachael Dane said in the statement.

Almost 51 percent of students are minorities. The breakdown of this 51 percent includes African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders. This number has increased significantly from last year's percentage of nonwhite students which was at 47.3 percent.

The school revealed to the newspaper that recruiters fanned out across the country and met with students, parents, and high school counselors across 150 different communities.

I know Harvard's founders never thought they would see the day.This is huge, but I can't help but wonder how this will line up with Trump's affirmative action investigation?

Either way it goes, congrats to the Harvard class of 2021. Special shout out to my girls Yara Shahidi and Malia Obama! 

Photo: Alicia Robinson