Hayes Grier's "T-Rex" dance is cultural appropriation at its finest and Black Twitter is over it

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| September 16 2015,

02:00 am

After the performance was over with, Grier, Slater and the show's presenter called the dance "T-Rex" and said it was very much like Jurassic Park. Grier continued to perform his so-called version of the dance while his partner Slater clapped offbeat alongside him and the presenter and his DWTS co-stars egged him on in the background.

During their post-performance interview Slater and Grier hinted that they will incorporate the dance into their performances in future performances, with Slater saying she is "spellbound" by the dance.


Grier, who got cast on this year's season of the show because of his popularity on Vine (that in itself is whole other conversation), is doing what he does best — profiting off of other people. He took this dance to the white mainstream and now it is theirs.

The problem is that Grier is taking credit for the dance but doesn't even know the story behind it.

The dance is NOT called the "T-Rex." It is referred to as "Drop," and was created by hip-hop duo Freco & Merlo late last year. The two released the dance's accompanying song as a single and have released subsequent videos.

What is the most confusing part to me is how Grier found this dance and started appropriating it to begin with as the "T-Rex."

For God's sake, the word "drop" is all the way through the background of the song. It is the basis of the song.

This is the "Drop" dance. Not the “T-Rex.”

And to Hayes Grier, get your own material. 

Check out Twitter's frustrated reactions below:

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