“The impact André Leon Talley has had on the industry is immeasurable. The proof is in the outpour following the news of his death late last night from friends, family, peers and people who may have never met him yet felt his powerful force and influence in their lives. He was not merely an inspiration, but a pioneer in opening these doors for others to follow,” said Ty Gaskins, style editor for Grazia magazine. 

André Leon Talley, world-renowned journalist, former editor of Vogue and a leading pioneer within the fashion industry, didn’t only inspire the Black community to live out their dreams, but also opened up doors for aspiring Black professionals to make their mark within an exclusive world.

The 73-year-old fashion mogul's influence transcended beyond his memoir, The Chiffon Trenches. He stood the test of time in a period that could not stand him. As an early adolescent, the young Southern native grew up not seeing many Black trailblazers within the fashion industry. Even though Talley was brought up in the Jim Crow South, he seamlessly maneuvered his way to stardom without letting anyone or anything stop him from fulfilling his destiny. 

As a result of Talley's lasting mark on the fashion industry during a time that was, and still is, not fully inclusive of Black people and minorities, he set the precedent that Black professionals can believe that they can aim to dream big.