One soldier poured his heart out in an emotional freestyle of Jhené Aiko's latest single, "Triggered." 

Twitter user @BeLikeJBlair is deployed overseas and seemingly dealing with heartbreak. In a tweet published July 12, the young talent did what any singer experiencing pain would do: express it through song.

It wasn't the great distance between lovers that had the serviceman singing. It was far worst. Apparently, his longtime girlfriend cheated on him with another man. While he was serving in a combat zone, the woman he loved didn't really love him the same way.

“You had me deranged when I was out on the range,“ he sang. “How you gon' tell me you love me, I was yo backbone? I was in the field, while you was getting yo back blown.”

J. Blair's melancholic vocals weaved a vivid tale of betrayal, backstabbing and sadness.

Others connected with his powerful lyrics, too. Twitter users were taken aback by his vivid descriptions of some of his deepest feelings. 

Out of all the people praising and sharing his video, singer Jhené Aiko thanked him for sacrificing it all to serve the country. 

The soldier is yet another talented person on the net sharing their gift with the world despite the current circumstances.