The absolutely charming conservative publication Mad World News has once again proven their stupidity. For those who are not familiar with Mad World News, this is how they describe themselves:

“Mad World News is firmly devoted to bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores. Together we can restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against the liberal media.”

Well, after reading their article that frames the annual Black Girls Rock event as reverse racism, I think it’s fair to argue that they sure are bringing back something from our beloved founding fathers – a well needed fresh white supremacist perspective.

If you experienced some trouble getting through the ridiculous article, I’ll just quickly sum it up for you. Amanda Shea, the author of this article, argues that the ceremony “perpetuated racial divide” and claims “’Everybody Rocks!’ would seem to be a better message endorsed by the First Family.” Does this at all remind anyone of something?



She also claims that whites could never get away with a “White Girls Rock!” event. And of course, let’s not forget this lovely gem:

By her biased support, the First Lady, who attended Princeton and Harvard and attributes her success to being empowered as a young black girl, is essentially telling white girls they aren’t “good enough” since she doesn’t address them with the same overwhelming support she does her own race.” – Amanda Shea


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Where do I even start? We all know this is ludicrous, right? Shea and Mad World News may not realize this, but they are just perpetuating racism with their white supremacist ideologies. Just because black women are taking time to empower themselves and say that they are important to society does not in any way mean that we are disvaluing white women. Unfortunately, not everyone sees reason.Several people are buying into this ignorance and expressing similar, misconstrued views.

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I’m sure Mad World News and their readers still need some help understanding where they went horribly wrong in their analysis of this situation. So Mad World News, let me break it all down for you so that you can hopefully come to your senses.

1. Do not forget there is intersectionality in gender issues. 

Yes, all women rock, as you pointed out. But the whole point of Black Girls Rock is to give attention to a group that has constantly been marginalized, stereotyped, and oppressed throughout America’s history. Let’s give oppressed groups a chance to feel as though they are loved. And this involves turning the focus away from whites for a mere few hours. I hope that’s okay with you.

2. Do I really need to break down what privileges white women have in comparison to black women?

Even though women are paid less than men, White women still earn more than Black women. And traditionally, they are more welcomed into work settings than black women.

And not only do Black women face institutionalized racism but many also feel as though they are not good enough in comparison to white women.

We grow up looking at magazines, television shows, and movies that constantly flaunt white supremacist ideals of beauty and many of us end up hating our black traits like our hair, skin tone, and facial features. Even studies show that when compared to white women, we are viewed as unattractive and unintelligent not only by society but also by many black women themselves. You don’t have to look to far to see this, Shea. Just look at the comment section of your article.

Tell me, how is it healthy for a young girl to see things like this and be conditioned into thinking she’s not of value?

3. White women are consistently affirmed by mainstream media while black women are excluded.

Shea says that whites could never have an event titled “White Women Rock.” Face it. They don’t need to. A lot of events that celebrate women feature White women and do not address the issues other women face not only because of their gender but also because of their race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation. Our stories are frequently left untold, and we are the ones being excluded. There are no “double standards” here. Just because black women are the topic of conversation for once does not give anyone the right to deem the whole event as an example of reverse racism (an ideology which in fact does not even exist).

When will black people ever get a break? 

Every time we try to do something beneficial for ourselves, something that will lift us up and give us a better shot in this racist world we live in, we are chastised and our actions are pinned as unjust, reverse racism. To my sisters and allies reading this article keep powering through and ignoring these little bigots. Black girls rock and we will scream it so everyone can hear. 

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