After being at the forefront of advocacy for victims of civil and social unjust in the U.S., Black Lives Matter (BLM) is now throwing its support behind another matter— Cuba's government.

Cubans, including Afro Latinas, have been protesting the country's government and dire economic shortages, NBC News reported. Residents have taken to the streets to demand freedom while proclaiming "down with the dictatorship."

People in the country have cited food shortages, lack of medicinal resources amid the pandemic, power outages, inflation and limited access to necessities, according to NBC News. But Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel is blaming the U.S. embargo restrictions put in place during the Trump Administration. Former President Barack Obama, during his first term, lifted a decades-old embargo restriction, making way for tourism and economic trade. 

Amid the unjust, BLM Global Network says it stands in "solidarity with oppressed peoples of African descent." Here's how the organization is supporting Cubans: