So the 2017 Golden Globes actually had several lit moments, including wins from the likes of Viola Davis, Donald Glover, Tracee Ellis Ross and Moonlight. 

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The award show's most non-lit moments (no, I'm not talking about the insane amount of wins for La La Land) came at the constant reference to a film called Hidden Fences. 

Doesn't sound familiar, does it? That's because it's…not a movie.

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It first happened on the red carpet, as Jenna Bush asked Pharrell (a producer for Hidden Figures) about the nonexistent film. 

Then it happened when Octavia Spencer's name was called with the Best Supporting Actress nominees.

I had the pleasure of recently watching an incredible film called Hidden Figures. There is also an amazing movie out now called, Fences, based on the play of the same name. 

However, Hidden Fences? Nah, It's not real fam. 

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Just so we're clear…not all black films have the same casts…and vice versa. All black films aren't the same. 

Since it happened multiple times last night, some of us thought this may actually be a conspiracy.

If you have the names of our movies in your mouth, get them right!

Fortunately, Black Twitter came to turn this situation upside down on it's head with #GoldenGlobeErrors, and it resulted in hilarity.

That time when one of Viola Davis' breakout roles met her hit ABC show.

When someone thought that because these popular actresses were black, they were in For Colored Girls. 

I don't remember Taraji co-starring with Brad Pitt and Mahershala Ali at the same time?

When Denzel just has so many movies, you can't remember 'em all!

But actually…this may be the best film to hit BET Star Cinema…

Gabrielle Union had to let us know…there are multiple, talented black actresses in the game. And they don't all share one, long name.

But seriously, we all may be making light of this moment, but it's really sad.

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