Though typically viewed as a time of joy, the holidays and the winter season can be a brewing pot for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that correlates with the changes in seasons and begins mostly in young adults, according to non-profit health system Lifespan.

College students dealing with SAD may also see their emotions negatively impact their eating habits, usual fitness activities and weight. Symptoms of SAD include weight gain due to lack of interest in activities such as exercising and the constant craving of fatty foods.

Regular exercise is something that student wellness experts recommend in combatting SAD amongst college students. To help out with that is HBCU alumnus-owned fitness and entertainment company, JiggAerobics

Photo Courtesy: Ken Maurice Studios JiggAerobics owner and founder, LaDonte Lotts, leading a group JiggAerobics session.

According to JiggAerobics founder and Southern University and A&M College alumnus, LaDonte Lotts,  the company's mission is to "utilize our fitness sessions as vehicles to spread ‘the cheese’ ( joy, self confidence and physical & mental wellness) to every participant we encounter.”

Since its inception, Lotts and JiggAerobics has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and in the Wall Street Journal. They've also positioned themselves as “The #1 Urban Fitness Network.” Lotts and his network of fellow HBCU alumni offer several digital workout programs, physical education classes, nutrition guides and merchandise for people of all ages. 

Here are ways college students dealing with SAD can use JiggAerobics to regularly exercise in the comfort of their homes at an affordable rate.