Black History Month has finally arrived! And Wilbur Wright College has a jam-packed 28 days of celebrating and honoring our culture and lineage. For Black History Month, we can go to any city campus to participate in their events. Typically, when we were younger, a Black History Month celebration consisted of a one-day program held in the auditorium. People would perform, songs would be played and we would maybe even watch a movie. One of the best parts about celebrating Black History Month on a college campus is that you have much more autonomy to create your own events. You can join the Black Student Union or have the option to be a Black studies major. Your possibilities are endless. I hope you’ll feel inspired to attend what’s happening on your campus or create some of your own! Here’s what we have going on for Black History Month.

All of our campuses are hosting movie screenings with discussions that will follow. From Black Panther to Hidden Figures and Malcolm X, we’ll watch everything Black! Spoken word is also essential to Black culture and it dates back to the Harlem Renaissance when some of our literary greats were discovered. Authors such as Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston and Claude McKay were all influential figures from that period and have helped to share Black literature. One of our schools will host a “Say it with your Chest” poetry and affirmation event, which will center on Black art and poetry. Another campus will be putting together an event called “Black Culture Renaissance” that will highlight all ways artistic crafts and talents Black people have created. 

This Black History Month, take some time to check out what’s happening on your campus. You never know what events are happening if you don’t look for them! Especially for my Black students who are attending predominantly white institutions. It’s a great time of the year to get connected with other Black students. You’ll learn more about your history, have a great time and make a few friends. Honoring Black culture and history shouldn’t only be limited to just one month. With the connections you make, you’ll find ways to foster year-long celebrations around the Black experience. We deserve to be appreciated all of the time!

Alycia Kamil is a freedom fighter and believer of the people. She is a Freshman at Wilbur Wright College. Follow her writings, interests and more here