Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, are using their foundation to support the Sundance Institutes' effort to increase diversity in the film industry. Their Will and Jada Smith Foundation has partnered for a two-year commitment to The Institute's Screenwriters Intensive program. The initiative will "support the program and year-round work with diverse independent filmmakers and artists," as Deadline reports. 

The Screenwriters Intensive program selects ten creatives from underrepresented communities for a two-day workshop. The goal of the programs is to reach "new communities of storytellers and artists across regions, genres, ethnicities, genders and orientations to share their stories."    

As for the new partnership, Jada said, “We are honored and energized to collaborate with Sundance Institute to cultivate stories and storytellers reflective of the world at large, and we view today as the beginning of a productive, purposeful and powerful alignment with an enduring institution."

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