Virgil Parker, a Howard University alum who graduated in 2021, is speaking on his mission of diving into a career focused on fighting for social equity.

Parker was recently featured in Forbes, and the publication called attention to his mission of empowering communities and combating social barriers, as well as the journey that led this Rochester, New York, native to this effort.


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Parker, who was born to young parents and mostly raised by his mom and maternal grandmother, told the publication that his family was able to “survive with some help from government programs like section 8 housing, food stamps, and social security,” giving him a first-hand perspective regarding how important such safety net programs are.

Eventually, when the time came for Parker to head to college, he and his family wanted him to attend an institution that would provide more than a simple degree.

“My mother wanted me to attend a school that had a rich and historic legacy, and one that could help get me closer to my cultural roots as a Black individual,” he told Forbes. “I chose Howard University because of its ability to produce significant leaders in the areas of politics, entertainment and social justice.”

Parker’s decision to attend Howard paid off beautifully, as he says it turned him into “a more selfless, authentic, perseverant, well-rounded individual who is committed to helping people.”

He also shared that his HBCU experience was his “first time seeing so many Black leaders in politics, academia, corporate America and countless other areas.”

As a result, Parker is an outspoken advocate for HBCUs, calling them “sacred spaces that are important to both American history and global Black and brown communities.”

“I fight hard for HBCUs because I love the fact that they have produced significant leaders in so many areas, including Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., entertainer Oprah Winfrey, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, U.S. representative John Lewis and so many others,” Parker said.


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Now, this 25-year-old is looking to utilize his Howard degree in order to build a career at the intersection of media and social justice. Parker specifically aims to use media as a way to “talk with legal experts, influencers, politicians and others to break down critical issues happening in our society.”

Eventually, Parker hopes to work with other causes to further address social issues and help uplift Black and brown communities.

At the moment, Parker is working up north as a Fulbright Scholar, focusing on diversifying trade between the United States and Canada.

Shoutout to Virgil Parker, and we can’t wait to see what this young changemaker will accomplish in the future.