The student body at Howard University is fed up.

After complaints about campus housing that almost left one student homeless in March, students are collectively organizing and voicing their concerns. Students also claim the school has failed to provide a safe learning environment. 

Members of the organization, Howard University Resist,  released a list of nine demands, which can be read below: 

Among students' demands are that the school offer affordable and adequate housing for all students under 21. They are also urging the school to freeze tuition, which, since 2008, has nearly doubled. The young activists are also asking for full access to faculty salaries. 

The letter also called for an immediate resignation of Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick citing a lack of leadership, neglect and failure to act in the best interest of students and the black community. 

Students are also urging the university to create measures to help prevent sexual assault on campus, to provide resources to combat food insecurity and to stop gentrification. 

Most importantly, these young people are asking for a seat at the table.