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These Black Mothers Are Changing The Media Narrative Around Their Lives — Here's How

Black families affected by violence often become a talking point when the news breaks, but rarely do we ever hear directly from those who are actually impacted by this violence, which plagues their lives and community. In order to increase the voices of Black mothers, Shanelle Matthews and Mia Birdsong developed The Black Mama’s Storytelling Fellowship, a program that equips Black...

A Black Liberal And White Conservative Have Set Off On A Cross-Country Cycling Trip To Promote Unity

Amid mass divisiveness in America due to political strife, Jonathan Williams, 45, and Andre Block Sr., 36, have set out on a mission to cultivate unity. Williams, a white conservative and Block, a black liberal, are biking the Underground Railroad to learn, grow and spark change.The Unity Ride is a cross-country road trip that started in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Memorial Day. The...

Twitter Users Imagine What Afrofuturism And The Power Of Creating Our Black Future Can Look Like

The #BlackHistoryIsNow movement is still going strong as Blavity has teamed up with Spotify to find ways to celebrate black history beyond February.While black history is imperative in understanding where we come from, reflecting on our black future can help us imagine where we can go.This is why Afrofuturism, a movement filled with futuristic themes that incorporates elements of black...