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This Artist Reimagined Our Favorite Princesses As Black Women

Artist Davian Chester aims to redefine traditional beauty standards with his Black princess collection.As a graphic designer, Chester sees that there is a lack of representation for Black women in both the entertainment and media industries. His Black princess collection is a spin on classic Disney princesses, portraying each traditionally white character as a Black woman. (Of...

Consent Made Clear: Things Everyone Must Know About Consensual Sex

We must never become desensitized to the issue of sexual assault and rape. With high-profile cases shining a light rape culture, it’s clear that the lines around what qualifies as consent can sometimes become blurred."In the U.S., one in three women and one in six men experienced some form of contact sexual violence in their lifetime," according to the National Violence...

These Black Mothers Are Changing The Media Narrative Around Their Lives — Here's How

Black families affected by violence often become a talking point when the news breaks, but rarely do we ever hear directly from those who are actually impacted by this violence, which plagues their lives and community. In order to increase the voices of Black mothers, Shanelle Matthews and Mia Birdsong developed The Black Mama’s Storytelling Fellowship, a program that equips Black...