Nike’s Jordan Brand and Howard University (HU) have reportedly reached a deal that will allow the brand to outfit HU’s entire athletic program.

According to Randall Williams of The Boardroom, multiple sources have confirmed that Nike’s Jordan brand will outfit HU’s Bison athletic department’s teams for their upcoming seasons.

The new deal is the company’s first venture with an HBCU school since signing an HBCU as one of its original three “Jordan schools” back in 1997 when Nike’s subsidiary began signing collegiate sponsorship deals.

The publication reports that the Bison will continue its relationship with Stephen Curry’s Curry Brand. The brand has been providing HU’s golf team with apparel and equipment. The University’s current deal with Under Armour will expire during the summer.

A quarter-century ago, North Carolina A&T became the first Jordan Brand-sponsored HBCU, and it was also one of the three original Jordan Brand schools.

As of 2022, Georgetown University, UCLA, Marquette, and Michael Jordan’s alma mater, the University of North Carolina, is on Jordan-branded athletic departments’ shortlist.