A Black woman in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is being hailed as a hero after defending a Black employee who was allegedly being harassed by a white woman at a Ross store. 

"Yallllll, this my store in Hattiesburg & the Caucasian female went off on me for no reason and the Black queen defended me," the woman, who goes by Elisha on Twitter, wrote. 

The clip posted to Twitter starts with the Black woman confronting the woman who Elisha identifies  as a manager at a LongHorn Steakhouse, though not yet confirmed. The woman in the dress tells the white woman she'd been "talking crazy" to the employee. As the clash continues, the white woman threatens to call security, which appeared to be the wrong move. 

"I don't give a f**k who you call. I'll give you a reason to call the f**kin police," she said while getting in the face of the white woman. "F**k you and I meant that. F**k you."

The Black woman tried to make it more clear that she's not intimidated, telling the manager she put her items down solely for the purpose of confronting her. 

"I came to swing you out. I know you," she said. "You better not f**k with her no more though. You better not f**k with her no more. I put my s**t down and I came back here for you."