Ice Spice has drawn online reactions from fans after posting a mirror selfie. The rapper used an Android phone, which reignited the enduring social media debate between Android and iPhone users. 

“Ice Spice having an android is so turnoff,” a social media user tweeted in reaction to Ice Spice’s post, which fans quickly responded to.

While other users chimed in support of this opinion, Ice Spice mainly received support for using whichever phone she pleased. Some fans claimed that Android phones take better photographs, while others lamented that Ice Spice doesn’t use a specific flip phone model to match her Y2K aesthetic. 

Most social media users pointed out the absurdity of the original comment and chose to find humor in the situation.

Others took a more serious approach and called out the original poster for judging the rapper based on what phone she uses.

The original photo is from an Instagram Story post that Ice Spice shared last year. The tweet appears to be a variation of a tweet from May 2023.

“Ice Spice having an android is so kunt,” a user tweeted, sharing the same mirror selfie to social media.