Dozens of DJs have taken to Instagram Live to give fans stuck at home a chance to party and congregate with others digitally. 

This massively popular trend has also given average people the chance to hang out, at least in the chat room, with some of their favorite stars.

People were amazed to find major figures like Michelle Obama, Erykah Badu, Bernie Sanders and Oprah Winfrey at DJ D-Nice's Homeschoolin’: Social Distancing Dance Party last week. 

But the internet was entranced when they got a peek at how the stars clown each other during DJ Spade's Instagram Live session on Saturday.

As the music blared and the chat scrolled down people's screens, eagle-eyed attendees caught a fun exchange between Rihanna, Kevin Durant and Drake

Durant, who tested positive for COVID-19 on March 17, was on the receiving end of some hilarious jabs from Rihanna.

"Is KD allowed in here? Should I wear a mask to live? But foreal get well soon KD," Rihanna said.

In response, Durant came back at Rihanna, asking whether she "just came from Europe," which like the United States is still struggling to contain the pandemic and keep people healthy.

The two continued to go back and forth with Rihanna saying she has been in the U.S. for two months now as Durant jokingly added that her cough in one of her videos was "real Rona-Ish."

"Watch who you FT with through these times," Rihanna wrote.

While the two poked fun at each other, Drake tried to drop a joke in as well, only to be ignored by both stars. Folks didn't let Drake getting ignored slide.

The situation got even funnier when Rihanna turned her attention to clowning Drake, implying he needed to stop being thirsty by writing, "Give Drake some water." 

"U have a bad attitude @badgalriri," the rapper responded.

The jokes from Twitter came soon after.

Drake went on to tell Rihanna she should release another album as the two traded dozens of messages.