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J. Cole Makes Drake's 'Views' Seem Like 'Child's Play' After Breaking This Apple And Spotify Music Record

The ville has done it again.
Kimberley Richards
 • 9 months ago

There's A Twitter Thread Showing Your Favorite Rappers With Their Furry Companions And It's Doggone Adorable

Kanye West, DJ Khaled, Big Boi and more posed with their puppies and twitter loved it.
Dominique Jackson
 • 9 months ago

'Nice For What': 7 Lessons On Being Nice, From The Independent Woman's Perspective

Drake taught us.
Latecia Johnson
 • 9 months ago

This Is How Tiffany Haddish Clapped Back At A Hater Who Called Her 'D Status'

Don't come for Tiff unless she sends for you.
Ashleigh Atwell
 • 10 months ago

God's Plan: What Can You Give To Be A Philanthropist Like Drake?

"Can you be a philanthropist with student debt, a measly savings account and questionable spending habits?"
Sharree Walls
 • a year ago

How 'Black Panther', Drake, And The Theme Of Community Ownership Act As Tools For Liberation

Investment in community ownership can help oppressed people regain control over their resources.
Laurika Harris-Kaye
 • a year ago

This Is How Rihanna Celebrated Her 30th Birthday

Rihanna brought in her milestone birthday in true Rih-Rih fashion.
Ashleigh Atwell
 • a year ago

A Miami Housekeeper Receives An Unexpected Day Of Luxury From Drake And Antonio Brown

She deserved it.
Dominique Jackson
 • a year ago

When Did We Revoke Drake's Black Card?

Drake's search for #BlackExcellence.
Ayanda Mkhize
 • a year ago

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