Social media is stewing over a video of actress Nia Long explaining that back when she was in high school, her beau was a 30-year-old hair salon owner.

The Shade Room reported that Long added the relationship wasn’t secret, contrary to what many may think. Her mother knew and even approved of the romance.

Long shared the details of her past love affair about six years ago while chatting with the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. She began her story by explaining she wasn’t an average high school student.

“I wasn’t the girl that ever went to prom. Like, my boyfriend was 30 when I was in high school,” she said.

The revelation shocked the crowd as Long chuckled at its perceived absurdity.

She continued, adding that her mom “was crazy” for green-lighting the romance, though she clarified that she meant that “in a good way.”

“Like, she was an artist,” Long said of her mom. “She was like, ‘Well, if that’s who you love, baby.'”

As the audience continued to squirm in their seats — especially one woman in the crowd whose horror was so palpable, Long had to playfully call her out on it — Long shared that the man was considerate and kind.

“He was so good to me and kind. … Listen, he did it the right way,” she said in the video. “He was from Oman. He went to her and was like, ‘I love your daughter, and I want to date your daughter.’ And he asked permission!”

Concluding the story, Long made it clear she didn’t walk away from the relationship empty-handed.

“But you know what he taught me?” she asked the crowd. “He taught me how to do my own hair and makeup, so I got that!”