Amanda Gorman's rapid rise to fame, following her performance at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, has continued with a presidential endorsement from daytime TV host Ellen DeGeneres. Although the 22-year-old is still 13 years away from being eligible for the White House, DeGeneres apparently doesn't feel that it's too early to make plans. 

"I want to be one of the first to give you my official endorsement," the TV star told Gorman in an interview on her Tuesday show. "We're behind you 100 percent."

The endorsement is welcome news for the 22-year-old, who has described herself as a future candidate for president, according to The Harvard Crimson.

"This is a dream that I think came into existence around sixth grade. I had a math teacher who said kind of somewhat jokingly — because I was a very passionate, feisty girl, as I am today — 'you should run for president,'" Gorman told DeGeneres, adding that she put her plan on a "bulletin board for the future." 

While the teacher made the suggestion, Gorman's family has been taking the plan seriously for many years.

"In college, my twin sister would be at like parties and people would be posting things on Snapchat or whatever. And she would say, 'Don't get a photo of me, my sister is running for president in 25 years from now. I can't have an image coming up,'" Gorman said. "So we all really hold ourselves accountable to the dream."

As part of the endorsement, DeGeneres presented campaign pens and shirts, with the slogan stating "Amanda Gorman 2036 for President." The items also featured the Gorman's favorite color, yellow.

"This is amazing," she said. "It's yellow. I love it." 

The young woman also talked about her difficulties with a speech impediment, which was a challenge until recent years.

"I learned so much by undergoing speech pathology and speech therapy," she said.

The challenge has also forced the Los Angeles resident to use her hands while speaking, which is now a part of her identity as a poet.

"That has just been a way in which I communicate," she said. "Ever since I was young, I wanted to be heard. I had to use more than just my mouth."

As Blavity previously reported, the superstar poet has been the talk of the nation since performing her poem, "The Hill We Climb," on Inauguration Day. In addition to seeing the success of her books, which have rocketed to the top of Amazon's charts in the past week, Gorman has received a job offer from HBCU Morgan State University and signed a major deal with IMG Models. 

She has also been chosen to perform at Super Bowl LV on Feb. 7 in Tampa, Florida, as Blavity previously reported