A Georgia incarcerated man has gone viral for the creativity and drive for success that led him to create a clothing line from jail items and materials. 

Rashod Stanley began piquing the interest of many followers and fans online after posting images of himself donning attire he created from scratch while imprisoned.

On April 19, Stanley, known as King Drip or @2500Shod online, uploaded a video that went viral for its inspiration and pure imagination. 

"You wouldn't believe what I made this one out of," he captioned the post.

Showing off a green and white two-piece get-up that looks like it's straight out of an urban sports store, the 24-year-old shared that he created the nylon green strips in his button-up top and leisure bottoms from the mattress in his jail cell.

The Chicago Crusader reports the Atlanta native ingeniously sews the wardrobe using dental floss and paper clips. Other items he uses to create his collection of clothing include wool blankets, pleather pillows and other miscellaneous pieces he finds useful.

According to his GoFundMe account created by his mother, Runita Elba, Stanley is no stranger to entrepreneurship.

Elba shared that at the age of 12, the Bankhead resident started his lawn care service and continued forward with that business-minded mentality up to and throughout high school. His mother details that the young man initially launched The Trenches clothing line in 2014 when he opened a store in his neighborhood.

"He was determined to become a successful entrepreneur," she wrote. "It was at his clothing store where he got involved with the wrong crowd and would later become arrested for robbery. He’s since learned from his mistakes and is now ready to move on with his life."

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The inspirational creative has amassed over 50,000 followers and continues to receive words of affirmation and encouragement from his supporters.

"Bro u the definition of staying on ya grind with no excuses, true inspiration," wrote one.

"Now that's [fire], making something outta nothing!" replied another.

A third offered to financially assist him, writing, "I want to work with you directly. Let me know your current address and release window. Putting something on your books." 

The artistic CEO has been serving time in prison since 2016 and is expected to be released this October.

“I want people to know my story because location doesn’t determine destination," Stanley told reporters. "I want to inspire others to make something out of nothing and reach their full potential without making excuses."

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Stanley, who plans to expand his company and catapult his name as a designer, also intends to give back to his community.

"I also want to start a nonprofit organization for low-income communities in Atlanta and eventually expand nationwide,” he said. “I want to be a mentor and public speaker to at-risk kids that’s following down the wrong path."

Stanley's GoFundMe page was created to assist his future business endeavors and currently has over $900 in donations.

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