Queen Charlotte quickly became a fan-favorite hit after its release on Netflix earlier this month. The TV series, which is already one of the streaming platform’s most popular shows of all time, made viewers swoon over Regency-era romance.

A diverse cast is what set the Bridgerton franchise apart from other period pieces.

“Before Bridgerton, it was never even something I considered, because I just didn’t think people would make a show with people like me,” India Amarteifio, who plays young Queen Charlotte, told InStyle.


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Black hairstyles were essential to feature on the show in regards to representation, as well as for her character.

“It’s a wig based off of my hair. My hair is very similar to how I have it in the show. It was more the ease of every day, having to put all the products in, it’s quite a lot,” Amarteifio said.

“A lot of the problem with her coming from Germany to England is that she has to conform and that means making her hair straighter, putting it up, or making it neater. But for it to just exist in her natural kind of way and to be accepted and fully loved by someone else is the cherry on top,” she added. “To be loved unconditionally for who you are exactly is, I’m sure, basically the root of what Charlotte wants and the root of what a lot of us want. The fact that they re-imagined how our hair would look back in the day, I think, is just so cool.”


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Natural hairstyles were important to represent on both the show and the red carpet. Celebrity hairstylist Dionne Smith worked with Amarteifio and Golda Rosheuvel on the show’s press tour. 

“I really wanted to show that Black hair is just very versatile. There are no rules. You can wear a wig. You can wear your natural hair, you do whatever you feel like doing and whatever makes you feel good. And that’s what it was about for me just playing with looks,” Smith told Refinery29 about her work.


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She wants to remind everyone that Black hairstyling is a “fun” but also important experience in regards to representation.

“A lot of us do look up to celebrities, we look up to what people are doing on the red carpet and we are in awe of these people,” Smith added. “If we see them [wearing their natural hair on the red carpet] it’s almost like a green card to say oh, my afro is fine. It shouldn’t have to take celebrities [for us to be comfortable with our hair in its natural state] but they are doing their bit.”

“I love that more [Black celebrities] are embracing texture and not feeling pressured to wear straight or wavy wigs. Like I said there’s nothing wrong with that. I love all hair. I just want people not to feel pressured into doing anything and to just be free. That’s my motto: be free.”