Grammy-winning singer India.Arie took to Instagram to call out the music industry for being “sheer and utter trash,” the Daily Advent reports.

On Tuesday, the “Ready for Love” singer participated in the #10YearChallenge on Instagram. She then went on to post and describe her experience in the music industry via her Instagram stories.

“The music industry is racist, sexist, deceitful. It steals from artists… Trash,” the singer said, adding that “seeing old pictures remind me of how TRASH the music industry is,” according to EurWeb. 

The songstress said that she hasn’t quite healed yet from her experience in the music industry and that it has altered her life.

“I’ll never heal from all of it,” India.Arie said. “Because some of it shaped my life in ways I can’t get back.”

She didn't give a reason for the sound-off, but said, “The industry made me feel like I WASN’T beautiful.”  The singer mentioned that she “paid a high” price but feels “more beautiful” now and that “the journey was all worth it.”

“And to everyone [in] the industry who: hurt, used, SUED, Played, Stole from, [and] betrayed ME. Thank You," she concluded.