The latest video from neo-soul singer-songwriter India Arie is a beautiful portrayal of Black love. 

Coming from her eighth studio album, Worthy, the single entitled "Steady Love" depicts the complexities of a maintaining a healthy relationship. The Nandy McClean-directed video features rapper, activist and speaker David Banner as Arie's lover.  In just a few minutes, the pair's life goes from playful teasing to series commitment.  

“For this video, I wanted to depict black love, grown-up love, commitment,” Arie told Okayplayer. “A beautiful man and woman doing life together and loving each other through the inevitable ups and downs of life."

Arie wants the video to be a conversation starter. To her, representations of positive relationships will help foster more positive relationships.  

"I want this video it to be part of a cultural conversation about creating healthy images of love and relationships in the Black Community and in the world as a whole," she said. "Images that can strengthen people.”

Beautifully muted pastel color-grading captures the stages of the relationship. She told Okayplayer that Banner's presence on set put her at ease. 

“I’d literally be in a room of celebrities and he would be one of a handful of people who glowed," she said. "So, I asked him to be in my video, and the WAY he said yes speak volumes to that light. He had been telling me ‘I’m here if you ever need me’ and when I did need him, he showed up.”

Natural hair, gentle kisses and milestones like marriage proposals all fill the frame. The Worthy artist is currently on tour. She has also recorded six episodes of the second season of her podcast “SongVersation” while running her media outlet, Soulbird.