If you’ve clicked on this article, more than likely you’re curious about how so many different people are able to gain a huge amount of followers on Instagram. Well, you’re in luck! I’m going to fill you in on the secret for free.

 My name is Karim. I’m a social media marketer, singer, and weirdo that performs in my shower to 144,000 people directly on Instagram every week. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s a lot more PG -13 than you think.


I was on the X Factor in 2013. You’ve probably never heard of me because I didn’t win the competition. But, I did get a yes from Simon Cowell himself, Demi Lovato, and the love of my life, Kelly Rowland. This was enough encouragement for me to keep the ball rolling. I had no idea what to do after the show, so I decided to flex my muscles online, as so many artists before me have successfully done.

I applied and was accepted to a Masters of Science program at the University of Southern California in Digital Social Media, and I am a semester away from graduation. I learned everything I could about the internet in class, as well as on my own. My studies led me to finding a huge following on instagram from quirky videos that I upload on a weekly basis. My profile has led me to an original feature on AOL.com (which was then picked up by the Huffington Post), a co-sign from Stevie Wonder, a feature singing in a BET original to be released in 2015, and a social media company helping other brands build their following on both Instagram and Facebook.

The most common question that I’ve received within the last year since my Instagram started “poppin” is, “Karim, how do I get more Instagram followers?” What constantly shocks me is that the same people asking these questions usually have wack and blurry pictures, a biography that has more typos than a 3rd grader, and no reason to gain followers other than “I want to be famous in Montgomery County.” -__- . If you are looking for a larger following on Instagram, no matter what your current ‘gram situation is, listen up! You won’t be getting this free information anywhere else.

If you don’t have $300-$500 a month to hire out a company like mine, then these free tips will help you out.


Be Social.

The easiest way to get a follower on Instagram is by simply engaging with a community that pertains to your page. Think about it – when you see a notification on your account that a stranger has either liked a series of your pictures, or followed you, then you will most likely be inclined to go to their page and see who they are. If you like what you see, you may be inclined to like a few pictures back, or even (dun dun dun) follow them in return. My company has taken this simple concept and put it into overdrive. We built an algorithm that constantly interacts with users under a related hashtag for our clients, so that they end up in the notifications of hundreds of thousands of instagram users who have posted content that is similar to our clients’ niches. On a simpler level, I have seen people do this manually and receive well over 1,000 followers and 300-500 likes per picture in the matter of a few days.


Post High Quality Photos

If your entire wall consists of dirty mirror pics and your Mcdonald’s breakfast this morning, why would anyone be inclined to follow you, or like any picture that you post? Content is KING! My company has an in-house photographer that offers subsidized pricing when coupled with our traffic. This is because we have found, through testing of over 100 accounts, that higher quality pictures always get more likes. Post well lit selfies (please keep the ratchet mirror pics locked away in your phone) and high quality pictures of stunning scenery or rare foods.


Post Engaging Content

Captions are everything! Make people laugh, make people think, make people do anything but sleep. My company has found that truly engaging material and related captions always gets more comments.

Make Sure your Profile Picture and Bio are On Point!

The simplest things are sometimes the most important, especially when it comes to Instagram. Think of your profile picture and your biography as your pitch. Users use these to consider whether or not they might be interested in following you or scrolling down to explore the rest of your pictures. Make sure that your profile pic is a close up shot of your face (preferably smiling), and also make sure that your biography is short and to the point.

Please, quit it with the, “Singer. Model. Dancer. Astronaut. President’s daughter. Booty scratcher. Philanthropist. TV watcher. Facebook user. Instagram nerd. Follow me on Twitter, Vine, Youtube, UStream, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and FourSquare @ImThatNinja.”

This might sound comedic, but trust me, this is how crazy a lot of you sound. Be specific! Focus on one thing, and stick to it. For examples of some accounts that I have worked on, check out: @Team_Karim, @runwitB,  and  @african_food_.


Work with as many other Instagrammers as you can. My company provides placement on affiliate pages that reach over 10million+ users on instagram. This allows for a broader audience to see client’s material, find their page, and possibly follow them. On a smaller scale, I have seen users double their followers by simply collaborating with other Instagrammers with a similar reach.



Now that you know how to organically gain more followers, likes, and comments, go forth my brethren. Take on the Instagram world, one selfie at a time. Make sure that you have a clear goal in mind. If its just for fun, that’s ok too. But if you are interested in using your account to make a profit $$$, make sure to set a clear plan so that each post is related to your overall goal. Strategy is everything. The Instagram grind is very real guys. You can do it too, if you put in the time and effort. Check out www.IGXperts.com   (password: inviteonly ) if you want some professional help. And feel free to reach out to me on my instagram in a comment or a Direct Message. I literally live inside of this tiny little app we call Instagram.

Good luck!