Woman Seen Licking Ice Cream And Placing It Back Could Face Up To 20 Years In Prison

Note: clout-chasing and reality don’t mix well.

Photo Credit: Twitter

| July 08 2019,

9:51 pm

Update (July 5, 2019): The Texas clout chaser caught licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream is facing decades behind bars.

Lufkin police believe they have identified the woman in the viral video and plan to issue an arrest warrant, according to NBC News. The investigation started after a video showing a woman licking a tub of Blue Bell’s “Tin Roof” ice cream was shared online on June 28.

"Our detectives are working to verify the identity of the female suspect before a warrant is issued for her arrest on a charge of second-degree felony tampering with a consumer product,” said a spokesperson.

Investigators also want to speak to the man who filmed the incident and encouraged the woman to lick the ice cream.

“As that portion of the investigation continues, detectives are focusing on identifying the male (in the green shirt) behind the camera seen in images of the two entering the store together.”

If convicted, the woman faces two to 20 years in prison and up to $10K in fines.

The Dallas Morning News reports Blue Bell is cooperating with "law enforcement, retail partners and social media platforms" to ensure the woman is held accountable. Store employees helped the company find the carton that "appears to have been compromised."

Although the woman and man were giggling in the video, Blue Bell isn’t amused.

Original story: In the last week, we've seen the rise of new social media challenges that have us wondering where some folks’ common sense has run off to. In this case, the action of licking the top of a carton of ice cream and putting it back in the freezer for others to buy has left the internet shocked and a company ready to press charges.

Yahoo Lifestyle reports that video surfaced on Saturday of a woman opening a tub of Blue Bell ice cream and after some encouragement from someone else, licking the surface of the treat and returning the carton to the freezer.

In a statement obtained by the news site, a representative from Blue Bell confirmed they are working with law enforcement, retail associates and various social media outlets to investigate the incident.

Heavy identified the woman in the footage as “Asia,” a San Antonio resident who was allegedly recovering from the flu and decided to start an “epidemic” by licking various cartons of ice cream laced with the virus.

The video has rightfully sparked reactions of displeasure from fellow consumers who believe charges should be brought upon the guilty party.

Shelley Golden claims she purchased the ice cream in a follow-up tweet, but that hasn’t stopped users online from calling out the self-proclaimed influencer for doing something solely for the attention and unaware of the dangerous circumstances.

Someone even referenced official Food and Drug Administration Laws that would still make the Instagram model liable for her actions.

According to Heavy, Texas law states that it is illegal to meddle with food products if that means an individual could fall victim as a result. The consequences vary from a fine of up to $10,0000 and a prison sentence from two years to life. 

Let’s try focusing on our long-term goals, folks.