An interracial TikTok couple drew attention to a fundamental difference in their upbringing in a comical video: the presence of a Black mama.

The couple behind the Ben & Susan Instagram page, played a game which required them to put a finger down when they heard a familiar phrase uttered by their parents.

As it turned out, the Black man was left with all his fingers down by the end of the game. For his white significant other, however, her fingers were probably starting to hurt. 

In the video, a voice is heard asking if the couple heard phrases like "Do I look like boo boo the fool?" and "You better stop crying before I give you something to cry about," during their childhoods.

Some of the other hilarious and oh, so familiar sayings heard in the video include "you got McDonalds money?" and "you better fix your face before I fix it for you."

The man continued to put his fingers down as he heard more common sayings such as "I hope you know that school work like you know them songs," "I'm not one of your little friends," and a "hard head makes a soft behind." 


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One TikTok commenter, who said he is 26 years old, affirmed that time is a mere construct and his mother still threatens him with some of the phrases heard in the video. A few others suggested the phrases mentioned weren't limited to the maternal side — they catch the same grief from their fathers, too. 

"Is there a book or something. This too accurate," one person wrote.

A Mexican user claimed to have heard at least five of the sayings while some white TikTok users said they've actually heard the same commentary from their parents, too. Maybe the video's leading lady is just fortunate.