The interviewer who recently faced criticism for her awkward interview with the City Girls is now blaming the backlash on racism.

“The community really don’t f**k with you if you ain’t full black, let’s just be honest,” Tamera Kissen said in a now-deleted tweet according to The Shade Room.

The influencer interviewed the City Girls rap duo after their set at Hip Hop festival Rolling Loud in California. During the interview, Yung Miami and Kissen realized they had met before. However, they were unable to recall the details of their last encounter. An awkward silence followed as the pair tried to remember how they met.

The conversation continued to spiral down as Kissen threw out random questions throughout the clip.

Many social media users followed up with criticism, saying Kissen doesn’t know how to conduct herself professionally.

Now defending herself, Kissen said it’s not her fault that the interview turned out to be awkward.

“When footage is raw and unedited like that and people throw things at you last min as an interviewer it’s because someone on the job doesn’t want you to do good,” she wrote. “Nothing I haven’t dealt w before.”