Actress and writer Issa Rae of the hit HBO series Insecure inadvertently hurt conservatives' feelings when she told a reporter from Variety that she was rooting for "everyone black" on the Emmys red carpet Sunday, Sept.17. 

In particular, Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted Rae and insinuated that her comments were somehow racist toward white people. He even aimed his criticism toward Donald Glover of FX's Atlanta for saying thank you to President Donald Trump for “making black people number one on the most-oppressed list.” 

“Those comments didn’t seem to raise an eyebrow, but of course they didn’t. It’s 2017, and so we’re used to open race hostility from the left,” he said. “I think looking at the world like that gets you to civil war, actually. I think you should look at people first as individuals. What did this person do? What does he believe? What has he achieved? And as soon as you see people as indistinguishable from anybody else in their same group, that’s when you really start hating each other.”

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His comments are nothing new. The right forgets that every person of this country has a right to freedom of speech, not just Trump bootlickers. Carlson and other conservatives don't seem to understand how racism and systematic oppression works.

Rae was rooting for every black person because we haven't been allowed to celebrate ourselves in this society. We do twice the work and get none of the glory. Half of the time we aren't invited to award shows but the same shows rely on our views.

Here is the full segment from Tucker Carlson Tonight.