Michelle Obama is the world's most admired woman, according to YouGov's recent poll of 42,000 people across 41 countries.

The former first lady has seen her popularity skyrocket since leaving the White House in 2017. Her memoir Becoming is on track to become one of the "biggest-selling autobiographies ever." Her publisher said in March that they've sold 10 million copies already since releasing it in November.

She continues to comment on political issues and pay her success forward through charities across the world.

On Friday, she commented on President Trump's repeated attacks against Rep. Ilhan Omar and other congresswomen of color. The former first lady was followed in the poll by another Black icon, billionaire Oprah Winfrey, who came in second ahead of Angelina Jolie, who had the top spot last year.

The British research firm released its poll on Thursday and said it was the largest they had ever done. Queen Elizabeth II came in fourth, followed by British actress Emma Watson.

Former President Barack Obama came in second for the second year in a row behind Bill Gates — the world's second-richest man at a net worth of $96.5 billion. Gates has topped every survey YouGov has ever held.

The rest of the male top five is dominated by major Chinese figures, with movie legend Jackie Chan, President Xi Jinping and billionaire Jack Ma coming third, fourth and fifth.