The internet had a grand ole time during the vice presidential debate, falling in love with a fly and criticizing moderator Susan Page for allowing Vice President Mike Pence to repeatedly cut off and ramble over Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. 

One of the most notable parts of the debate ended up being Harris' facial expressions as Pence dodged questions or answered queries that were never even asked. 

The two candidates went at it at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City as Page, the controversial Washington Bureau Chief for USA Today, peppered both with questions about abortion, climate change and other issues. 

But despite the issues covered, most of the internet conversation centered on Harris' reactions to Pence.

The range of reactions had most of Black Twitter reminded of themselves or their family. 

Dozens of people noted that some of the faces Harris made reminded them of the women in their lives.

The range of reactions, from smiling to scowling, were the highlight of the evening. 

Many people hilariously compared the most remembered reaction to other commonly used memes.

The GIFs of Harris' reactions are sure to become widely used.

Some of the best reactions were the comparisons of Harris reactions to other memes. 

Harris was criticized for some of her answers and many on conservative news outlets slammed her for her facial expressions. President Donald Trump appeared on Fox News on Thursday morning and called her a "monster."

But thousands of women took to Twitter to note that Pence's insistence on cutting her off was emblematic of what they face on a daily basis with men in the workplace. 

HuffPost's Marina Fang noted that the criticism Harris was facing for being "unlikeable" by a large segment of the press was something women, particularly Black women, constantly have to deal with. 

"For many women and women of color, it was all too eerily familiar. Harris endured Pence’s gaslighting, interrupting and mansplaining, all while being hyperaware that her every move was being scrutinized," Fang wrote.

"She had to perform the impossible gymnastics of being assertive and direct — without seeming too 'aggressive' or 'bitchy' or 'unlikeable' — and showing emotion — without seeming too 'hysterical' or 'weak' or 'shrill,'" she added.