J. Cole is a reliable man whose word is bond. In 2013, the “School Daze” rapper met a fan when she called into a radio station and spoke to Q Deezy of Hot 107.9 in Philadelphia, pining for the rapper to give well wishes on her birthday, Complex reports. 

Approximately three months later, Cole called the former high school student, Cierra Bosarge, and invited her to meet him face-to-face. When the two linked up in Philadelphia, Bosarge gave Cole a letter telling him all of her hardships.

“In the letter it says all I went through,” Bosarge said, Complex reports. “With being adopted, my parents being hooked on drugs, in and out of prison. At the time both parents were in prison, so I asked him could he come to my graduation since they can’t.”

Emotionally impacted by her letter, Cole touched base with Bosarge through Twitter and promised to attend her high school graduation if she maintained high grades and was admitted into college.

“That man has done so much for me,” Bosarge said after graduating high school. “He planned his tour around my day. I could never thank him enough. He’s God’s gift. Every night I prayed for this day and it really came. I did it. He told us all his struggles through music and I seen how far he made it. Now it’s my turn. I gotta keep making Cole proud.”

The Dreamville rapper upheld his promise, again, and dropped by for her college graduation ceremony at Rowan University in New Jersey. Numerous graduates and attendees posted photos of Cole on social media.


“Keeping your word means everything to me,” Bosarge wrote on Twitter, according to All Hip Hop. “Not a lot of people do so i’m forever grateful to the ones that always show up for me. no excuses.”

Cole’s manager and Dreamville co-founder, Ibrahim Hamad, also gave Bosarge a shoutout on Twitter.