People on Twitter are baffled and shaking their heads after Ja Rule revealed he never knew the original meaning of"n****r."

On Wednesday, the Murder Inc. rapper tweeted, “Wow I just learning something that blew my mind my whole life I was taught the word Ni**er didn’t mean black it meant ignorance but I just looked it up and it’s always meant black smh tell the kids the truth… ” 


He followed up to ask for further help in understanding how the racial slur became a derogatory term.

While miseducation is a real problem, many were baffled that the rapper had the gall to admit this publicly before consulting Google, Siri or Alexa. 

In turn, his inquiries surrounding the slur, which established itself as such in the early 1800s, were met with a series of hilarious responses on Twitter. 

As if this Twitter debacle wasn't enough, earlier this week, the “I’m Real” rapper also expressed his unwarranted opinions about the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich craze, insisting that "our people" were acting like "f**king idiots."


Adding stereotypical insult to injury, he continued by tweeting: 

The rapper's admitted ignorance on the slur and the recent Popeyes pandemonium comes weeks after he was unable to clear the air about Ashanti's rumored vocals being featured on his hit, "I'm Real." Not to mention, he's still trying to clap back to critics about his involvement in the scam-ridden Fyre Festival. 

For the sake of him and the rest of us, maybe it’s time someone take this man's phone.